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Fan-Made Miiverse File Is Now Available To All

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Although the news of the closure of the social network designed by Nintendo for Wii U and 3DS, Miiverse, did not have a great impact on the industry, some users decided that it was necessary to preserve all the content and avoid its disappearance. That’s why a group of developers concentrated on registering all the content present on the network and, after hard work, the goal has been met.

Yesterday Tim Miller, better known as Drastic Actions, reported that the Archiverse site is already operating, which means that all content present in Miiverse is still valid and did not disappear after the closure of the social network in November of last year.

The team involved in the creation of Archiverse, which is part of the Archive Team initiative, was able to register and maintain a large amount of content, which is equivalent to 17 TB. To give us an idea, here are the results:

1. 216,901,986 Replies
2. 133,003,599 Posts
3. 75,955,135 Screenshots
4. 72,135,190 Drawings
5. 8,278,693 User Profiles

In this way, those interested in knowing all the content that was once in Miiverse, can enter Archiverse and find whatever is of interest, either by publication, username or video game.

What do you think about the initiative of Archiverse? Have you ever participated in Miiverse? Let us know in the comments below.