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Fan-Made Half-Life 2 sequel called ‘Prospekt’ download available on Steam in February 2015

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The company Valve, the origin of Half-Life, approved the development of a sequel to the Opposing Force add-on as a standalone for PC. The title is currently available for pre-order on Steam, with a release planned for February 2016.

Prospekt Game Screenshot
Prospekt Game Screenshot

Meanwhile news of the much awaited Half-Life 3, fans of the series of Valve are working extra hard to keep producing content around the franchise. After the project Black Mesa to propose a recast of the first installment of the series, fans are working on remakes of Opposing Force and the Blue Shift, the two extensions of the official FPS game.

In parallel, a fan (Richard Seabrook) is working on another project. Dubbed as Prospekt, this standalone expansion comes as a result of Opposing Force, which offers enhanced graphics rendering, the AI improvements and 13 new levels.

This stand-alone uses the Source Engine game engine, with new particle effects and lights. At the side of scenario, the player will incarnate Adrian Shepherd, a US Marine teleported by Vortigaunts in Nova Prospekt prison where Gordon is locked up. The lifetime, according to the developer, resemble that of Half-Life 2: Episode One, with thirteen levels to go. New music and weapons, as well as new voice acting are also present.

Valve has approved the development of this suite, so much so that Prospekt is currently in pre-order on the download platform of Steam, to 8.99 dollars (the normal price is 9.99 dollars). The release of the expansion is expected in February 2016 on Windows (XP or higher). Here is a trailer that can give you an idea of this game.

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