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Fan creates BioShock’s Floating City of Columbia in Fallout 4

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A fan of Fallout 4 has recreated the town of Columbia in BioShock Infinite in the game of Bethesda Softworks, using much of the game objects and using some mods. The result, quite successful, is displayed in a video below.

Fallout 4

Certainly one of the most popular games of the end of 2015, Fallout 4 has a very good life and, despite some flaws, it is as an RPG game in good order. The title comes up regularly on the front of the stage with mods made ​​by the community, for PC currently.

A fan of the title of Bethesda Softworks had fun recreating the city of Columbia of BioShock Infinite, with the help of the build mode of role-playing and using some mods. The result is visible in the video below and pictures present above.

The modder explained that 99% of the objects used are derived from the basic version of Fallout 4. The list of mods necessary for such rendering is listed on his blog at this address. In any case, we can only welcome this beautiful work.

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