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Famous Hustlers and Legendary Gamblers

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Over the years, there have been thousands of notable gamblers, but not all were dubbed as being legendary or even noteworthy hustlers. Husting is most often seen at the poker tables, and it is the act of disguising a skill with the intent of luring in other players. At poker tournaments around the world, there have been many hustlers to take seats and play alongside the best in the game. With online gambling now available worldwide, players have the ability to partake in games and tournaments from home. With some super online casino games Switzerland offered online, poker, blackjack, and even baccarat players hustle their way to the top. Here, we take a look at some Famous Hustlers and Legendary Gamblers.


Hustlers in Poker

Many professional poker players have made millions from tournaments and high-stakes games. While most of these players follow house rules, some notable individuals have known to hustle over the years. Perhaps the most famous for this was Titanic Thompson. Titanic was involved in a poker game in New York back in 1928 that ended with a crime boss shooting. It was called the crime of the century.

Titanic was not only known for being a poker hustler but was also a killer. He killed five men. One was in 1910 when he was accused of cheating while playing a game. Four other men were all killed as they tried to rob him of gambling winnings. This didn’t dissuade him from playing and hustling others for payouts in high-stakes events.

Blackjack Hustlers

While poker may be the first game that comes to mind when thinking of hustling, it also takes place at blackjack tables. You will find professional players using card counting systems to beat others and reap the rewards at the tables. Card counting is frowned upon in land casinos, and a player who gets caught may be banned from ever entering again. 

With live dealer games at online casinos, players can use card counting skills to outsmart others and have more wins at the tables. There have been many professional card counters that have claimed massive payouts at blackjack tables. Some notable card counters throughout our history of blackjack include:

  • Stanford Wong
  • Edward Thorp
  • Tommy Hyland
  • Keith Taft
  • Ken Uston

Card counting is not the only form of hustling that is used by pros. They can simply alter how they play hands to throw others off or have specific strategies employed when playing against weaker players. The end goal is always the same, which is to deceive others and make them believe you are a weak link.

Online Casinos and Hustling

Today, many players have turned their attention to a variety of games offered at licensed online casinos. Players have managed to win millions from these sites, and most wins have come from playing live dealer games. These games are different from standard casino selections as a random number generator does not control them. This allows players to use different skill sets when playing and can open the door for hustlers.

With online casinos hosting a variety of blackjack and poker tournaments in live formats, new hustlers are always emerging and trying to beat odds and walk away with millions. Many sites offer poker tournaments that can land players a seat at the WSOP, so online casinos are definitely hosts for some younger hustlers in the game.