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Fallout Shelter coming to PC in July 2016

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During its pre-E3 2016 conference, Bethesda announced that Fallout Shelter will be released for PC. The studio also promised new missions for all versions of the game.

Fallout Shelter Screenshot

At its E3 conference, Bethesda announced Fallout Shelter for PC release, its successful game on management of nuclear shelters for mobile phones.

The game will be launched during this summer on PC and will have a new update for all formats that will change the combat system, added missions and will continue to improve this surprisingly addictive mobile game that has completed one year of life in this conference.

Fallout Shelter game is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

In another news, it is the first title for mobile by Bethesda that already has more than 50 million players, as revealed by the distributor. To celebrate this, the company has even released an image in which we see Vault-boy and shelter dwellers celebrating the achievement.

As you know, Fallout Shelter debuted as a free-to-play title and the way in which Bethesda achieved profits of this title was through microtransactions. That said, the company preferred to keep secret how much money was generated with the spin-off.

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