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Fallout Shelter Android version has Save Data corruption bug, get your refunds now

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Android version of Fallout Shelter is having certain bugs that are annoying many players. This was reported on reddit by a player. The bug will cause save game loss and hence you have no option but to replay all the missions in the game back again. It is a kind of big issue for this game which slowly is reported by many others. And this is also common on the iOS platform. One good thing you can do is ask for refund for any items purchased in Fallout Shelter. This is the only possible solution available till now in Android devices. The issue is not yet resolved and still not any kind of update is released on the same. So it is quite still active in the game. The save game files turns to 0KB while playing and clearing up levels. Loosing save games is the most annoying part of the game as the gamer looses all the progress and will have to play back again from scratch.

Fallout Shelter Screenshot
Fallout Shelter Screenshot

There were multiple users who were reporting on save data corruption bug in Fallout Shelter and they were able to get refund also on the same. Certain troubleshooting like reboot, game restarts, etc; is not going to help as it is an internal bug. If you are having issues then you can request for refund through a simple process given below.

All you need to do is claim a refund by going to this link and follow the below steps:

  1. First click on the icon on the right side of the affected item.
  2. After that click “Report a problem”
  3. Select the last option in the drop down menu
  4. Just describe the save game corruption bug and also that you want a refund
  5. Lastly click on submit.