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Fallout 76: Pete Hines Talks About the Virtual Currency Atoms

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Speaking with Major Nelson, Bethesda’s Pete Hines unveiled more details about the virtual currency of Fallout 76, called Atoms, which can be spent on buying new costumes and other aesthetic items for the character.

As already stated in the past, the Fallout 76 microtransaction system will not affect gameplay and balancing in any way, being primarily designed for the purchase of costumes and accessories. Using real money is not the only way to get the Atoms, since the game “will give you plenty of it” during your travels between the post-apocalyptic lands of West Virginia.

In that sense, Pete Hines stated the following: “Atoms are thing that we use and hand out as you play the game–quite honestly we throw them at you all the time. You get them as little rewards leaving the Vault or the first time you kill a creature or the first time you pick fruits or vegetables from somewhere.”

“It’s a little challenge reward. Atoms are used in our shop to buy cosmetics things. So you know, new outfits or skins or things like that. [Things to customize] your character to look unique from everybody else” Hines declared.

Fallout 76 will be available in stores for PS4, Xbox One and PC starting November 14th.

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