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Fallout 76 Beta Begins October 23rd on Xbox One First

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Players have high expectations for Fallout 76, so Bethesda wants its release to be a success. The company has also confirmed that there would be a Fallout 76 Beta to improve various sections of the game prior to its release.

As announced, the trial period will be available first for Xbox One starting on October 23rd. If you are a PlayStation 4 and PC user, do not worry, since Fallout 76 Beta will start on these systems on the 30th of the same month.

“During the B.E.T.A. one of our primary goals is to stress test and break the game. As such, the servers will not be running 24/7; instead, they’ll be online during targeted timeframes so we can get as many people as possible playing at the same time,” explained Bethesda.

The studio confirmed that the test will be available between 4 and 8 hours any day of the week. The goal is to bring together the largest number of players to subsequently improve various aspects of the game.

To share the news, Bethesda released the in-game intro of Fallout 76, you can see below:

Participants will have the opportunity to freely share their gameplay on various streaming platforms. Before the start of the Beta, more details and new information about the title will be revealed. On the other hand, Bethesda confirmed that it is currently doing some reduced stress tests with randomly selected players.

Participants will have access to all the content of the game and may keep their progress for the final version. To be part of the Beta, it is necessary to pre-order the game. We will have to wait for more details of the test schedules.

Fallout 76 will release on November 14 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.