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Digital Foundry: Fallout 76 Beta Barely Runs At 30FPS on Xbox One X

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Fallout 76, the first online game of the Fallout franchise, will arrive this November, but as we already know before the BETA will arrive, an initiative by Bethesda to test the stability of the servers in view of its final launch was handed to some select insiders.

According to reports, for some selected insiders the beta will start tomorrow, and apparently the guys from Digital Foundry have had early access to it to try it on a brand new Xbox One X, unfortunately, it seems that the results have not been as good like those achieved with Fallout 4.

As you can see in the video of the analysis that we have published at the end of this article, Digital Foundry has encountered several problems while testing Fallout 76, although the new title uses the same engine of the fourth part of the series.

To begin with, the stability of the 4K with dynamic resolution has not been up to the task, and although in closed spaces the game remains stable, in closed spaces and especially when accompanied by other players, it drops to 2880x2160p, or what is the same 75% of the real 4K.

And if that was not enough, and despite a volumetric light of great quality, and a magnificent representation of the grass and vegetation, Digital Foundry has encountered the unpleasant surprise of some textures loading at a resolution much lower than that required by the image of 4K, and that to top it all, the shadows of some enemies are represented at a frequency lower than 30fps.

It is necessary to make the distinction without a doubt, that we are talking about a build that is not the final one, and that we do not know how old it may be, with stability over image quality surely prevailing. All fans certainly hope that Bethesda can fix these problems, to get an experience at least similar to the last game in the series, which got very good performance on Xbox One X.