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Fallout 4 preload confirmed by Bethesda for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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Developer Bethesda has officially announced via Twitter that pre-orders of Fallout 4 before digital release will get access to a preload. Owner of Xbox One can download already as it is alreadt started on this console – on PC and PS4 you have to still wait for downloading.

Fallout 4 announced, official Trailer revealed

The post-apocalyptic shooter Fallout 4 has been reserved for PC, PS4 and Xbox One digitally, and people are now allowed to download the title even before its release. This encouraging news was given by developer Bethesda on its official Twitter account, as seen below.

For PC players Steam client has to be installed on computer, and for other console from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network you can now start downloading Fallout 4. On the Xbox One, the game has been made available already since this morning, according to several players – but what it looks like with the other platforms, is not fully understood. While pre-orders of the game so far could only download a placeholder file, now 28 gigabytes of game data is available, as numerous players and owners of the Microsoft console report. That leaves the buyer of digital version of Fallout 4 still enough time to prepare until the game launches on November 10th 2015.

So, have you preordered the title yet or not? Look at Amazon and buy your copy of Fallout 4 today!

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