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Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC File Size weighs 3.66 GB

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By the end of the month we can get our hands on Nuka-World, the latest DLC for Fallout 4, although the exact date has not yet been announced by Bethesda. However, from the Steam database it is possible to derive the size of the package, which will weigh well 3.66 GB.

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

Prior to the release of Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 that we have to wait a couple of weeks, we now already know how much space it will require on your hard drive.

Nuka World, probably will be the last DLC for Fallout 4 – at least, it is indirectly confirmed the company’s vice president Pete Hines and one of the voice actresses Courtenay Taylor, who wrote on Twitter that she would miss Bethesda and fans of Fallout.

According to the database of Steam, Nuka World will weigh the order of 3.66 GB (or more, depending on the location). The earlier DLC of Far Harbor required about 2.7 GB of space, and added to the game a considerable size of the territory.

As announced by Bethesda, there will be “open world areas and other areas of the theme park” to explore, in addition to quests, weapons and unusual creatures. Nuka World will take us to an amusement park inhabited by different bands of looters, and similar to Far Habour, it will present a new area with new content.

Recall that at the moment we do not know the exact release date of Nuka World, which will debut this month.

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