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Fallout 4 announced, official Trailer revealed

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Fallout 4 is officially announced. Fallout 3 was released on October 28, 2008. It is a very long time after a new version is set to release. Bethesda finally revealed the trailer and with that we can expect to get a company within few months. The game will be releasing on consoles and pc platform both. The game trailer does not really give much information, but looks like this time the game will be having more twist. As per a source the first full reveal of the game will be on June 18 at E3 this year. But this can be extended for some reasons. In the trailer you can find a start of apocalyptic that destroys the entire world with nuke. Different areas are also showed up that later on developed and still few surviving humans are active.

It would be an interesting part of find what new enemies will be added here. This kind of game needs bit creativity so that players do not find similar thing like the old series. Almost after 4 years, a new plot will be essential part of the game. Fallout series is an action role playing open world game. The series deals with chapter and short quest based on the story line. Almost all series starts with a similar story line where you have to deal with a word created after nuclear apocalypse. In the last series the central character’s mission was to protect humans and escape the vault. This time we are quite excited to see that new twist is introduced.