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Fallout 4 500MB Day One Patch download available on PS4

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Just day before yesterday, the pre-load of Fallout 4 was available on the PlayStation 4, but be prepared because with the game you also got to download the first day one patch for this game.

The first patch for Fallout 4 will weigh 500MB and apparently it will optimize the gaming experience for the launch day. Meanwhile, for all we know, in recent days there were problems such as drops in frame-rate, long loading time, bug that deletes game progress and weapons that disappear or are transformed into another time equipped.

Fallout 4 Screenshot
Fallout 4 Screenshot

Now, the voices for the framerate issues of Fallout 4 does not appear to be entirely unfounded: according to the analysis of Digital Foundry, both console versions of the game suffer from drops in framerate in the most hectic way, even with the patch 1.1 installed.

Below is a video posted by DF showing that at times the game gets to turn 20 fps on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, also on the Microsoft console they recorded a few sporadic freezes for a few seconds moreover. The situation does not seem to be so serious and above all it would not hit all the players, as demonstrated by our review:

“We have reviewed the game just using this version, and the graphics engine (which runs at 1080p) has always remained fixed on 30 frames per second. The only conspicuous slowdown we had when we arrived for the first time in Libertalia. In a couple of other occasions, entering in Diamond City, there have been delays in the loading of textures. No big deal though, because otherwise we have always played without any problems, even without installing patches and other updates. In short, even if the graphics engine still has some glitches, some imperfections, as far as our gaming experience (duration, the accounts in hand, a little less than 5 hours of gameplay), the frame rate has never been a problem.”

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Recall that Fallout 4 is available on all mentioned platforms and Windows PC as well.