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Fable IV Gameplay, Story Details and More Leaked

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The period before E3 2019 is a time when gamers from all over the world prepare for the wait that separates them from the video game event of the year, but it is also a time when pre-show leaks begin to come out and ruin the surprise of the announcement. This is the case of the return of Fable IV, the role-playing game from Microsoft that now seems to have been leaked online. The title is in fact probably in development at Playground Games, but there have not yet been any confirmations.

A video was just posted on Reddit that would seem to be the one that will be revealed to this E3 2019, however, it has been removed and it is not possible to understand if it is authentic or not, but its removal could also be a proof of its veracity.

Although the video is not there, we have got the information that would appear to have been revealed in the teaser, if you want to read it you can continue reading, otherwise, we advise you not to proceed and wait for the Xbox conference on June 9th.

Both First Person and Third Person
In-depth character creator
Completely Open World
No guns, unlike their predecessors
You can ignore the main quest and never become a hero
Players can build entire towns, ties into the main quest heavily if you get the bad ending and fail
The Multiplayer will be there
Developed with the Unreal Engine

Also, check out the story and world details below.

Albion and Aurora are gone. “Lands reduced to fables.” The Spire was rebuilt and used by a mad king to wish that an asteroid would strike the planet. He also wished it would happen again in the far future. Eons later and everything is new (medieval themed, new continents) and you have to stop the destruction of the planet again. Theresa and a Heroes Guild are preserved on another planet via a demon door. Time Travel heavily involved in the play. Jack of Blades returns.

In recent news, an insider has released recently the list of announcements that Microsoft will reveal at the E3 2019 conference, including Fable Reboot.

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So what do you think of these leaks? Will Fable IV really be ready to come back in a new disguise? All that remains is to wait for the upcoming E3 2019 event.