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F1 2015 Day-One Patch 1.01 download available now

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F1 2015 is already released on July 9 2015 in Italy. The release date for European region is July 10 and for others it is July 21 and July 24. With the release, the game also got a new Day-One Patch 1.01 that would help you to get more stable output.

F1 2015 Screenshot
F1 2015 Screenshot

This is not the first time we had seen such an early patch release for a new game. The patch deals with car upgrades, better voice control, and some bugs fixes with improvements. Below is the official patch note that you can check out and see what all fixes it is going to add in the game. Like for example, under steering while the patch is going to add proper controls on all cars. Also, the game is going to offer some new bodywork fixes in the cars. That might not look better in terms of graphic. There will be one more F1 team. The patch is essential in terms of performance boost. So to some extent the patch is helpful.

Checkout F1 2015 Day-One Patch 1.01 Patch notes below:

Steering wheels:

  • All 2015 cars have their proper 2015 steering wheels in the updated version.


  • All cars have the new correct 2015 bodywork
  • Addition of the Manor F1 team
  • McLaren has had a full livery update
  • Mercedes has had a minor livery update
  • Williams sponsor changes plus minor livery change
  • Force India sponsor changes
  • Red Bull sponsor changes
  • Ferrari sponsor changes

Performance and handling characteristics for all cars have been adjusted to mirror the 2015 season so far:

  • Engine performance and power delivery characteristics have been changed
  • Aero/Drag balance has been adjusted
  • AI Driver stats have been adjusted based on their season performance
  • The AI have been trained to drive the new updated cars, with full awareness of all of the changes
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