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Exynos 9611 vs. Snapdragon 845 Which Is Better?

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It is the microprocessors primarily used in the mobile chipset. In this article, we compared all features of these microprocessors. They both are 64-bit, multi-core microprocessors. They are the multi cortex (eight cortex) microprocessors that improve the efficiency of it. Are the highly demanded processors in the overall market. In this platform, we describe the pros and cons of these microchips briefly. Exynos 9611 vs. snapdragon 845 performance.

We are also comparing the technical as well as standard features of these chipsets. With the help of these microprocessors, our society and surrounding changes into the digital platform. These chipsets are primarily using in the manufacturing of mobile phones. Therefore, we can say that these microchips are the basic and essential component of cell phones.


Gaming Performance of Exynos 9611 vs. Snapdragon 845

We are all familiar with gaming on cell phones. However, the problem is that we are not aware that which type of cell phone gave us the better quality of gaming. For this purpose, firstly, we can differentiate which microprocessor in the chipset provides the fantastic quality of gaming. Here we are describing the parameters of gaming performance.

The gaming performance of any chipset is directly related to the clock speed of the chipset. Precisely we can say that the clock speed means, “How much faster the instructions execute in 1 second.” it is evident that when the instruction speed increases, the gaming quality of any chipset also increases. If we compare the clock speed of Exynos 9611 vs. snapdragon 845. Then we realized that gaming performance in snapdragon 845 is more efficient in comparison to the Exynos 9611. 

Finally, if we are interested in the parameter of gaming, then we prefer snapdragon 845.  Exynos 845 is also excellent in gaming quality, but its quality is less efficient than the snapdragon.

Battery Life of Exynos 9611 vs. Snapdragon 845

If you are a user of cell phones, then you better well aware of the battery life. Microprocessors also play an important role in battery life. Because microprocessors used in the mobile chipset also affect the efficiency of battery consumption. Battery life means the “working hours of your component.”

Therefore, if you are doing intensive tasks on your cell phones, then the microprocessor consumes more power. Therefore, when the power consumption by the microprocessors increases, then the battery life of any equipment decreases. When we compare the battery life of both microprocessors. Then we realized that the snapdragon 845 is less efficient in battery consumption.

So precisely, we can say that exon 9611 consumes more battery. Therefore, in the exon 9611 vs. snapdragon 845, battery life is more in snapdragon 845. If you are a user of intensive and long-lasting work, I recommended that snapdragon 845 microprocessors are best for your cell phones.

CPU performance of Exynos 9611 vs. Snapdragon 845

 And, CPU performance is the primary parameter that describes the quality of microprocessors. CPU performance depends on the following factors:

  • clock speed 
  • set of instructions
  • bandwidth

Therefore, if you want to know about those features, the detail of these parameters are giving below:

  • Set of instruction:

Set of education had built-in instruction in the microprocessors.  The set of instructions describes that how we can execute any instruction 

  • Clock speed:

And, Clock speed is proportional to the frequency of the microprocessors. Clock speed means how fast our instructions run. It dramatically affects the efficiency of the microprocessor.

  • Bandwidth:

Ok, Bandwidth describes that how much information can pass in one instruction. Bandwidth is proportional to the speed of microprocessors. It tells that how much faster we can process our instructions.

The combination of these all factors affects the performance of microprocessors. Here I am comparing these factors of exon 9611 vs. snapdragon 845. Finally, after reaching all these factors, we concluded that snapdragon 845 has more CPU performance than Exynos 9611. If you demand the fastest processing, I recommend that the snapdragon 845 be more capable than the Exynos 9611. 


Graphics is related to images, pictures, and videos. In graphics processing, GPU (Graphing processing unit) plays an important role. GPU had primarily used in mathematical manipulation. As we know, images are present in the form of data that is the fundamental reason for introducing GPU.

Anyhow, if you are the users who demand high-quality pictures with exceptional resolution and pigmentation. Then I recommend that you should not underestimate the feature of graphics in microprocessors. If we compare the GPU frequency in both microprocessors, .then we concluded the value of graphic frequency is more in Exynos 9611 than the snapdragon 845.

GPU frequency is in proportion to the graphics quality. When the GPU frequency increases, then the GPU efficiency also increases. If you are that user who demands excellent quality, then I prefer exon 9611 is hilarious for you. Therefore, in exon 9611 vs. snapdragon 845, exon 9611 is more compatible in the case of graphics.


Memory means the storage of data. In microprocessing, the microprocessor needs a temporary memory where it can temporarily store instructions. After storing instructions, it can process instructions and then execute them. Memory frequency proportion to the memory quality of microprocessors.

When the memory frequency of the microprocessor increases, then it is the processing of instructions also increases. Therefore, if you demand high-speed processing, I recommended that your microprocessor’s memory frequency is also efficient. If we compare the memory frequency of Exynos 9611 in the comparability of snapdragon 845, then we concluded that Exynos 9611 has more memory frequency.

Final Verdict on Exynos 9611 vs. Snapdragon 845

As we know that there is no perfection globally, everything has some advantages and some drawbacks. Therefore, we cannot say that this product is better than the other one when we compare the two brands Exynos 9611 vs. snapdragon 845.

However, we can say that this brand is exceptional in that feature. Anyhow, I summarized the exon 9611 vs. snapdragon 845 in this article. I described all the parameters and characteristics of these microprocessors. Finally, I recommended that snapdragon 845 is more efficient in many features than the Exynos 9611. However, the Exynos is also providing efficient and excellent results.