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Expeditions: Viking release postponed to Early 2017

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The Danish independent developer Logic Artists announced that the role playing game Expeditions: Viking, the sequel to Expeditions: Conquistador, will be delayed. The title, previously expected to release by the end of 2016, however will see the release next year, but the developers assure that this extra time will serve to add new features in the game.

Expeditions Viking

Logic Arts has announced that Expeditions: Viking, a set of historical role unveiled in 2015, will be launched during the first quarter of 2017.

The title was scheduled to debut so far this year, in 2016, following the game Expeditions: Conquistador, known in most of the other coutries in some other names.

“There are so many things we’d like to get just right with Viking. We’re confident with the game’s narrative and high level of player choice, but want to spend additional time on some of the more exciting and challenging elements of the game’s development,” said Ali Emek, producer of Logic Artists.

For example, they want to promote and get deeper into the collection system items and exploitation of the land by introducing a whole new system of environmental risks.

In addition, this time will also be used to introduce multiple translations in the game, which will be launched in English, French, German, Russian, Polish and Spanish from day one. The game features over 200,000 words in its dialogues.