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Ex Visceral Staff: Working On Star Wars Actually Kind Of Sucks

The closure of Visceral Games still makes a difference, particularly thanks to a long article published by Kotaku.

We have already talked about Electronic Arts and the pressures on the team to make a title capable of competing with Uncharted 4 from the very first release. This and so many other events have made the development of the game extremely troubled, to the point of making the atmosphere unsustainable.

Working on a title set in the Star Wars universe might seem like a fantastic opportunity, yet an ex-employee of Visceral Games confessed that it was disgusting, also because of the difficulties involved in managing a franchise of these proportions. And, again, there were no parallels with Uncharted.

In that sense, the ex-employee of Visceral Games stated the following: “Oh, would Dodger really look like this? What would his weapon look like? Potentially years of that. Would he carry this? Would that really work in the Star Wars universe? With Uncharted, they can build any world they come up with because it’s their world. With Star Wars you have to have that back and forth… People think, ‘Oh it must be so cool to work on Star Wars.’ It actually kind of sucks.”

In these terms, and considering how the whole thing has ended, we do not bother to believe it. Meanwhile, we point out that some details of the project have been leaked and also an artwork portraying the characters that you can see above.

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