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Evolve Stage 2 free-to-play Details and Trailer Revealed

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Just as we mentioned today, Evolve was relaunched today as a completely free PC game, and now the development company Turtle Rock has announced that it is a title with profound changes that will be named as Evolve Stage 2.

Evolve Stage 2

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced the relaunch of Evolve by renaming the title to Evolve Stage 2 that will be available completely free on PC through Steam. This new version not only has the pace to be free as a novelty, but presents a new game design, mechanical balancing and system performance.

Evolve Stage 2, which you can download on Steam, is practically a new release with many modifications, and thousands of content that were not present in previous versions of the game. All improvements and new features are available in the Beta that starts to run from today.

Along with the announcement, Turtle Rock posted on its official website the patch notes of Evolve: Stage 2. Now there will be new features like its own game currency, tutorial updated, a system of progression improved, and a new more fluid interface and intuitive, among other general aspects.

As for the gameplay, it will come with new skills for different classes of hunters, updates to matchmaking, redesign of maps, audio system improvements, and various adjustments to the hunters and monsters. If you want to get to know each of the new features, visit this link.

Do not miss below the presentation trailer of Evolve Stage 2 below: