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Evolve Patch 1.1 for PC download available now

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There is some good news for PC players of the first person shooter game Evolve, since a recent Patch 1.1 for PC is finally live. With this new patch, you will get some improvements in DirectX version and many other things listed below.

Some time before, the Evolve 1.1 Xbox One update went live but today the developers Turtle Rock have also released the new Patch for PC users too. You get to see a variety of changes to PC players with the Evolve Patch 1.1 for PC that includes support for 21:9 monitor, addition of added FOV slider, shared memory GPUs solutions, etc.

We hope that, with this new patch the gameplay experience on PC will be a lot more smoother for everyone because of the DirectX improvements that is added. Install the Evolve PC Patch 1.1 directly from the Steam client now and let us know how was your experience with this new update.

The Evolve PC patch 1.1 is already live and brings these changes as noted here:

— Added FOV slider to the options menu
— Improved 21:9 monitor support
— Improved support for shared memory GPUs
— Various Progression / Mastery balance changes
— Improved Direct X stability
— Fixed a windows timer issue may have caused FPS problems on some systems
— Fix for a shadow rendering bug
— Fixed “five Hunter” bug
— Fix for disappearing/persisting mouse cursor