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Evolve: 44 DLC download available, not included in Season Pass

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Evolve is now already available as of day before yesterday, on 10 February, but it is now time to talk about the DLC title of Turtle Rock Studios. Yes, after spending the figure of only 25.00 dollars for the Seasons Pass of Evolve game, Turtle Rock Studios announced an abnormal amount of DLC, which will not be included in the Season Pass.

As you surely know the developers have announced an incredible number of DLC several weeks before launch but, as reported by Polygon, the Xbox store contains 44 other downloadable content that had not previously been disclosed and that will not be part of the Season Pass or any other version of the title.

Fortunately it is only skin and customizations whose price ranges from $6.99 to $1.99 for a total value of $135.56. The skins are divided as follows: 24 to 1.99$; 9 to 2.99$; 8 to 4.99$; 3 to 6.99$. Thos who want to buy them all will have to spend 135.56 dollars, the more money spent on the purchase of the game and the possible Seasons Pass, which will contain within it the four new hunters, which individually have a cost of 7.49 dollars.

What do you think of the strategy strongly focused on Evolve DLC? (Please note that the maps will always be available for free and there will be no distinction whatsoever between holders of DLC or not).

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