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Everything you need to know about live dealer blackjack

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Advantages and disadvantages of live blackjack online casino

Online casinos have been around since the 90s, but in the past years their popularity has increased enormously. Many people enjoy the possibility of playing and gambling online from the comfort of their homes without having to travel to a land-based casino.
However, the fact that most games were automatically operated by software, and there was no dealer involved, was something that repelled the most traditional players.

Luckily, nowadays, almost every online casino has live dealers for their games, like live blackjack online casino, the most popular games of all.
Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what this game can offer being played through the internet, from anywhere at any time; and the pros and cons that online live dealer casino usa blackjack encloses.

Advantages of playing live dealer blackjack

Most people are afraid of the possibility that online casino software can manipulate the game by dealing the cards in favor of the house, making it almost impossible for players to win. They prefer to see a real person dealing the cards as it makes it more personalized and authentic, allowing them to feel secure.

This is why the invention of live casino blackjack is a fantastic solution. This way, players not only can see a real person dealing the cards and carrying the game, but they are also able to communicate with them. If the player should have a question during the game, he/she can ask the dealer without a problem. All these features make it possible for players to feel like they are gambling at a land-based casino, but from their home.

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Up to now, we have established several advantages of playing online live blackjack compared to having to go to a land-based casino; it allows you to play from the comfort of your home, without having to drive anywhere and having to pay for parking, you don’t have to pay for your drinks or snacks while playing, and you are now able to play with a real dealer and even talk to him/her during the game. It is extremely convenient!

Another great advantage of live dealer blackjack usa casinos offer is the possibility of choosing the dealer you like best out of a drop-down menu of dealer options. Not every casino has this particularity, but many of them do. You can opt between playing with a male or female dealer, and some casinos even give you the chance to choose the dealer´s ethnicity. This way you are able to play with whom, according to your expectations, is the best live dealer blackjack usa casinos could offer.

Disadvantages you have when you play live blackjack

Of course, not everything can be perfect. Despite everything we mentioned, there are a few negative aspects players can find while engaging an online live blackjack usa table.

One of the disadvantages, could be considered the speed of the game. Logically, while playing real live dealer blackjack, the game takes longer than when playing regular online blackjack, and this could be a negative aspect for some people who like things to be fast. Many people don’t like to wait for other players to make decisions, and as the cards are being dealt by a real dealer, it will take longer than if the cards are dealt by an automated software.

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Therefore, you will probably play fewer hands, in a certain amount of time, gambling in a live blackjack usa table, than you would if you play at a regular blackjack one.

Another negative aspect is that, sometimes, you must wait your turn. Live dealer blackjack tables are set in a studio, with cameras, lights and human dealers; there is no automation. Therefore, if the table is filled with patrons, the player must wait for their turn; which does not happen when playing regular live blackjack online casino. This is why there are waiting lists for players to put their names on, so they can be alerted when a seat becomes open.

There is also a betting limitation that could be thought as a negative aspect. Most live blackjack usa tables allow betting limits as low as $5 and as large as $500 (you can find a higher max, but the average is $500). There are players that like to place lower bets, or larger ones, and may find this limit as a disadvantage.