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Everything You Need to Know About Auto Paint Supplies

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Self-painting a car is a solution that will help save money. You can quickly complete the procedure and get the expected result by choosing quality auto paint supplies.


How to Choose Car Paint

And so, you went to the DealerShop store website to select auto paint supplies. The catalog has many offers, among which you will definitely find what you need. But don’t pick the first one that comes along.

For the paint to be ideal for the body of your car, you need to consider:

  • color nuances;
  • paint quality;
  • usage features;
  • drying time.

The most critical parameter to pay attention to is the color of the paint. It must fit perfectly with the body of your car. If you decide on the wrong tone option, it will stand out a lot. You can pick up car paint using the VIN code. It indicates what shade is needed. It is better to consult a specialist to choose the perfect car paint shade.

Selecting suitable car paints from trusted manufacturers is better than getting a high-quality body coating. It will give confidence that high-quality raw materials were used for manufacturing. Such paint will not peel off and will not fade. Good color will reliably protect your car from scratches and rust.

For painting a large area, choosing car paint in an aerosol is better. It is straightforward to work with her. Picking a substance that needs to be applied with a brush to correct minor defects is better. Thus, you can work out the problem area in more detail.

Paints that dry quickly should be handled quickly and carefully. They are convenient because they allow you to get results in a few hours. But they are hard to mix. It may crack when layered. Options that freeze for a long time allow you to work out in more detail all the elements and defects of the body.

Also, pay attention to the finish. Glossy options have a beautiful sheen, giving the car a new look. Matte options create a discreet design. There are options with an iridescent coating. They add shimmer to the car’s body.

Water-Based Paint or Solvent-Based Paint

Before you buy auto paint supplies, you should decide on their type. The most common options are:

  • solvent based;
  • aquatic.

Solvent-Based paint has a rather pungent odor. When working with it, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also worth using a respirator so the vapors do not damage the respiratory tract. The main advantage of this paint: is its short drying time. In addition, it is pretty affordable in cost and has an extensive palette of colors.

Water-based paints are safe for human health. To work with them, you should not specially ventilate the room and buy protective equipment. Such options dry for a long time, which is unsuitable for everyone. On the other hand, you will be able to carefully work out all the details and not worry about the layering of materials.

A few Reasons to Paint Your Car Now

You do not need body paint if you just bought a new car from the salon. But it is worth updating the coating if you have been using the car for a long time. Coloring will help:

  • restore the original appearance;
  • restore shine;
  • personalize body design;
  • fix defects after an accident;
  • increase the value of the vehicle when selling.

Car paint is often bought to restore the body. After a significant overhaul, it can be slight damage, scratches, or a large area.

If you’re tired of the body color and want something new, you can use bright colors to highlight the elements of the car. Or you can diversify the design with unusual drawings, inscriptions, or whole paintings.

Full or partial body painting will help you increase the car’s value. You will spend only on a paint can to remove minor defects and restore the body. And as a result, you get more money after the sale of the car.