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Everything you must know about World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft has launched its second version after almost fifteen years since the first one. Here you find everything that you must know about World of Warcraft Classic GOLD or WoW Classic GOLD. It is one of the most popular MMORPG globally and resembles quite the version of what it was when first released.

The second version of the already popular game was launched on August 19, 2019, that is fifteen years after the launch of the first game in 2006.

A very long wait to get into the WoW Classic Gold servers have blemished the output to some extent. However, it is still a cherishable path to go down the memory lane. Bringing back something which never really went away wasn’t that a big deal though. 

Fifteen long years have been spent exploring the wilderness of Azeroth. And now, its quite hard to imagine a landscape without Blizzard and his massive multiplayer RPG in it. Now, with World of Warcraft Classic, the experience of the first days of this fledgling game will be reviewed and fans would be able to understand why it was so influential back then!

In the era of games played online, it is almost impossible for a game to maintain a community of fans that WoW has incredibly managed to keep, especially with subscription for playing. To keep that fanbase intact, Blizzard has been keeping on adding more and more features to the game over all these years including updates and expansions.

World of Warcraft is exactly similar to the game that existed in 2006, two years from the launch of the first game and before that of the first full expansion pack of the game called The Burning Crusade. It is where the original game of Warcraft had its pre-expansion add ons strong. But there were few bugs and gameplay refinement wasn’t quite appropriate. It was more of a tough and slow game then and encouraged teams to engage in tough challenges instead of the recent single and friendly one.

Payers know about World of Warcraft game, as playing was also limited to one section of the society before the expansions and updates were added. 

Moreover, the communities had to be strong enough to defeat their foes, players needed to be robust as no one was a friend in the game, and the game generally felt unknown and dangerous. However, going out in the world of unknown seemed like an adventure.

WoW Classic Gold will bring back things like Dungeon Finder, which lets one easily match-make in groups and walk through a dungeon rather than getting transported directly. Some other visual effects that had made the game popular of its time will also be brought back. 

Choosing a skill in the talent system is more of an important task. One might have to go to a trainer to reset the skills if the already possessed skills are not appropriate. In the Classic version, one can even respect the fly.

The current version of the World of Warcraft has witnessed tons of updates and improvements over the years. Still, fans haven’t stopped feeling nostalgic about the earlier versions of the game.

Bugs/ Features?

The game always hasn’t been a bed of roses. The Beta early access provided the players an insight into the game and gave an understanding of what or what not to expect, which came out as shocking for some.

The players reported a series of bugs to the developers in Blizzard Entertainment. But the problem is that are quite not bugs, instead are some outdated but accurate features of how the game was back in the early 2000s. 

Starting from minimap quests to a player who balances attack from distances, World of Warcraft has been receiving qualities of improvements over all these years. It is rightfully said that Things once gone are missed forever. That has been the case with patch fixes. 

Here is listed some of the bugs (or hidden features, ‘cause who knows!):

  1. The hitboxes of Tauren and the melee reach is a little higher compared to other races.
  2. Abilities like Enrage, Reckon or Blood Craze is not activated while struck using sit.
  3. The Automatic Quest Tracking option when used, doesn’t initiate auto-tracking the newly accepted ones. Instead, it will begin to track an already existing quest when any progress towards an objective is started.
  4. The health regeneration is working at an accurate rate. 
  5. The points of quests and its objectives are not tracked on any minimap or the map itself.
  6. The players in fear and NPC tend to run faster.
  7. NPC s offering multiple quests at times are being displayed as a “.” or a “!” on the available list o quests. 
  8. Quests having lower levels do not show up as “!” in the game.
  9. The quests available do not show “!” on the map.

World of Warcraft Classic Gold server related queries:

The launch of WoW Classic Gold is filled with various server issues. Since more and more players are getting online for playing the game such that the developer Blizzard Entertainment can barely handle.

The server issues of WoW Classic Gold are getting worse each day and in some cases, it takes time of up to three hours. In extreme conditions, it takes even longer than that to have commonplace. 

This needs to be settled after the initial players’ rush calms down. However, Blizzard Entertainment has already developed quickly to open many more servers for accommodating every player.

The sheer quantity of players who know about World of Warcraft Classic Gold is estimated to be more than 2 million globally. This has led to some heart-warming and funny community events occurring as well. The game has several quests allowing to loot few particular monsters for the key quest items. These monsters appear occasionally, and the residents of the regions are now organizing reporting their issues while in-game to allow each player to finish their quests.

Due to this feature, the game is known to be the best of its time.