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49% European Gamers Consider Games of the Past Better Than Modern Ones

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The games of the past undoubtedly have their charm and some players consider them even better than the current ones, although for many people the graphics sector and the level of realism of a game are still very important aspects.

ISFE and Ipsos Connect’s GameTrack have recently released a series of data emerging from a survey that involved European video gamers (UK, Spain, France, and Germany) with questions related to the gaming world and the percentages obtained are absolutely in line with the success who want to experience vintage video game products (consoles and games).

In fact, 49% of those interviewed said that they were playing retro titles because they reminded them of childhood or simply to face adventures they did not buy at the time.

Speaking in detail of some retro products, including NES Mini, SNES Mini, Crash Bandicoot and the Sega Forever project, 66% of consumers want to revisit titles already played in the past while 67% have fun with games not purchased at the time. About half (49%) also admitted that they purchase these products as a matter of nostalgia.

However, most gamers believe that modern titles are significantly better than those of the past, while 22% of respondents disagree. The percentage changes radically when only the back gaming enthusiasts are approached: 41%, in fact, claims that the games of the past are superior to the current ones.

There are also many players (45%) who consider the graphics and level of realism of a game a very important factor and it is interesting to note that 38% often remains disappointed by retro games because the memory does not correspond to reality.

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We are curious to know about your opinion, whether the games of the past are better and more engaging than modern ones?