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Europa Universalis IV Patch 1.10 download available along with El Dorado DLC

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You can now download a new patch for Europa Universalis IV with a extended El Dorado DLC that brings up more new features and extra things. The DLC offers a expansion and you can just go ahead and get more stability in the game. This is one the major patch update released for the game. And a new DLC that is also out makes it more beneficial for the players. Below you can find a short list that provide you detailed information on the patch and on the DLC. There are many important changes which matters for the game. A few highlight from the DLC is that it is going to get two new countries which is South and Central America. And there is are new upgrades that will enhance the game more. Under the game expansion pack you will get three new religions which is Maya, Inti and Nahuatil.

All this are having around 5 reforms which can be achieved on the basis of certain condition you have to fulfill. Maya countries are having great graphics and you can just found a huge territory to deal with. In the same way Inti countries are also a bit tricky and huge in size. A few condition to reform is to start a civil war, etc. Nahuatl has a doom value which depends on the monarch points. New events are provided in all the event. One of the biggest thing you will be getting under this expansion pack is that you will get a custom nation options. And this is provided at the time of game setup. You can start your own custom nation, you can add a culture, select a religion, put national ideas, etc.

There are around 32 custom nations you can start and you can play that under multiplayer or under single player mode. The custom option also included to configure the province tax an manpower. There are now larger Colonial Nations and merchant is added. You can use fleet of ships to hunt trades. There are different gun ratio you can use to put maximum damage. There are few free features also. This consist of a better save game transfer which was a issue before. You can find some new dynamic historical events for the South and Central America Countries. All three new religions are included.

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