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Eternal Ring will release on PlayStation 4?

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Eternal Ring, the first title of From Software for PlayStation 2, may come soon on the PlayStation 4. The Exophase site has indeed published the list of game trophies, confirming in fact the next appearance of the same title on PlayStation Store.

A list of Eternal Ring trophies for PlayStation 4, a PS2 released game, has been listed by Exophase. Like all other 128-bit games that have been found by age-rating systems or trophies, it would be a game for PS4 emulation, not a complete remaster or remake.

Eternal Ring is a first person role-playing game developed by From Software. It is carried out by a young magician who is sent to investigate strange happenings in an island. Equipped with his sword and witchcraft skills, Cain will try to be the first to return from the island alive. The place is populated with beasts, dragons and magical objects.

The trophy list can be found at this address, Eternal Ring is an action RPG game developed by From Software and for the public in Japan in March 2000 as a launch title of the second console of Sony.

The emulated version should arrive very soon on the PlayStation Store, with support for trophies and the Remote Play, like all games of the series of PS2 Classic. We remain in any case to wait for the official news from the publisher.