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Esports dynasties

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No team can achieve victories permanently. However, it is frequently enough to keep winning during a few seasons to stay in history as the undefeated one and conquer the fans’ hearts. That is where the term “dynasty” comes from, which is used in sports competitions.

It was initially used for a baseball club but then this term moved to other disciplines. A dynasty is a successful franchise in sports, which managed to achieve victory in a series or a few winning seasons. For more than a decade, many people have known the success of Real Madrid and other clubs. Are there any examples in young esports?

SK Telecom T1 in LoL

Many big companies started paying attention to esports in 2012. The telecommunication giant SK Telecom decided to sign a League of Legends roster. What is more, the team did not stop with one roster, having created the second one. The reserve team looked even better at the beginning, the young Faker was shining bright. He became the best player when SK Telecom achieved victory at the World Championship.

Having failed the upcoming year, the organization merged two rosters into one. It was due to LCK rules. As a result, SK Telecom T1 became two-time world champions, having achieved the main trophy three times in four years. No one has repeated this result yet.

OG in Dota 2

No one has ever managed to win the main tournament three times in another MOBA. And only OG players have done it twice. The team appeared in 2015 and was one of the main favorites at various tournaments but they were not able to perform successfully at The International. In a year, the roster failed once again but it achieved victory at three Majors in a row after making replacements. It seemed that it would achieve the main trophy at TI 7 but it was unlucky once again. Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik left the team and many assumed that it was the final point for the roster.

However, the organization did not disband, it invited newcomers to the team and prevailed at the World Championship. A year later, the esportsmen managed to repeat the previous year’s success. Then, there was a COVID year and many of them left Dota 2. Now, other players play for OG, having good chances to prevail at The International 2022. The victory at the tournament will allow it to secure the status of the OG dynasty in Dota.

Astralis in CS:GO

Astralis, which has become one of the strongest CS:GO teams, was created at the beginning of 2016. The organization and players had a real sports approach to the game and this paid off. The team achieved victory at the first Major of the year. There were roster changes later, having made the Danish team a real top club. 2018 stood out during that period when there were victories in ten competitions.


Despite a small period of time, dynasties can be found in different esports disciplines. Every year, the number of games and tournaments grows, so it is better to follow them on the website Probably, the list will be filled with new organizations in the near future.