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ESports Betting: Is it here to stay or just a pandemic phase?

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When sports was the norm and lockdowns had never crossed our minds, it was all well and good. Sports fans flocked to the football stadiums, others followed other sporting events online.  When lockdowns were imposed, and contact sports was halted, this was the day that the online gambling world experienced a shift.  The shift was gambling on esports events, and it provided a platform for gamblers to enjoy sports and also some online gambling. Now that the world is shifting towards a new sense of normality, will online casinos and online sports betting sites keep esports betting going in this pandemic phase, or will it be abolished completely to make way for real-life sporting events?  

If we had to look at the inception of esports, it is still in its early stages and marking of the product has been quite limited.  It was the only outlet that gamblers used when sports was shut down and especially new online casinos deployed this product to keep the site business and usual.  Now that esports has gained ample attention amongst gamblers and the online gambling community, it feels that esports is here to stay. With so many fantasy and e-sports leagues spread across the world, sporting fans are looking to find their spot within the structure. Which team to support, which tournament to go for?

Esports has many leagues that are fully operational and working flawlessly.  Do they have the following that is desired to build a solid foundation?  Not as yet, and as we mentioned earlier, in the future we expect to see more franchising and marketing taking place. Especially new casinos would need to work harder to market esports, and this could come along with tournaments and also offers via online casino welcome offers. 

If you are a fan of football, basketball, hockey and ever horse racing, you would be enjoying your favourite sport via esports when you fave team is not playing. If we take a look at the World Cup, the NBA, NFL, EPL, IPL, they are sporting tournaments that have been around for many many years, and this is the reason that they have a massive and heavy fan following. Esports is still in its early days, and most probably in another 100 years, we would be having a different conversation about the popularity of esports. 

The future might look bright or esports and it might not. As time goes by, we expect more leagues to grow to launch and develop.  This is the way that gamblers and fans are attained in the world of esports.  Due to professional real life events happening, fans are more into this, and this is due to professional entities being in place for  many years. Where does this leave esports and its future?  As fans and gamblers will gain more knowledge, the interest will definitely grow, and a place in the betting area will exist for esports. Various online bookmakers would benefit from having esports, as this would also be a backup for when or if sporting events are cancelled / postponed. 

The world of esports is growing and many new players are joining this fantasy tournaments.  The rise in FIFA 21 tournaments is big at the moment and if you google the term FIFA 21, you will be welcomed with many esports tournaments happening right here and right now. New players are joining the mix, and this stems from the lack of sporting and contact sports happening. We might not be able to play at football grounds, but we can still play a game of online football with opponents on a 24/7 basis. This is a massive factor that will contribute towards the online domination of esports. 

If we had to compare actual sports with esports, the road is still a long one for esports and the scene is still very new for all of us to compare.  Having said that new online casinos have felt the repercussions of the pandemic, and having a life line to survive could be esports.