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Esports: An Opportunity to Become a Professional Athlete

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Esports is the new frontier of athletic achievement, and this is not a statement that is designed to dismiss competitive video gaming. If you were to look at the bodies of a gamer and an athlete competing at their respective fields and highest tier, you would notice that the fairly same mental and physical drivers are engaged. While you may read up a Betnow review and place a wager on your favorite esports team, the players of that team are heavily engaged on all levels, looking to secure a win as a Professional Athlete.

But why is that? As it turns out, athletic achievement comes in many shapes and forms and esports is one of those forms. As it turns out, human bodies engage and tap in the same sensory and cognitive functions when they seek to outsmart or outplay someone – whether this is a sprint or you frantically clicking at your keyboard to give yourself that flying start that you know you to win

Video gaming is, therefore, a new frontier of professional athleticism and while some gleefully dismiss it, those same people would probably never be able to amount to much greatness were they to give their absolute best playing a video game. Just like soccer stars are born, for example, so are legendary video gamers born (and made). Therefore, the argument that esports is like an athletic competition is not only valid – it holds many truths. 

While recognizing esports as an athletic discipline would do players so much good, it’s not necessary to a Professional Athlete. It would help ease up on some of the traveling restrictions that commonly plague tournaments, though, so that is some food for thought. However, the best part is that esports fans don’t really care if you see their favorite players as athletes. They are so much more already.

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