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Epic Tavern, a Fantasy RPG Tavern Management Sim, Features Social and Class Mechanics

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Epic Tavern, a fantasy RPG tavern management sim where players manage a pub and direct adventurers through rich quests that permanently alter the world, will reward the most social bartenders in the land.

Epic Tavern

Players, known as Tavernmasters, who befriend their customers over drinks and conversation will learn of patrons’ hidden traits. Tavernmasters who know adventurers attributes can send them on quests which best utilize their skillset, increasing the odds of success.

Every character in Epic Tavern belongs to one of three super classes: the magical Casty, brutish Fighty or secretive Sneaky. Each superclass has a wide number of specific classes to choose from. Each class has strengths, encouraging careful management of which characters are assigned to a quest’s party.

Currently crowdfunding, Epic Tavern surpassed its funding goal in just over a week on Kickstarter, earning support from more than 900 fans.

Backers are now approaching Epic Tavern’s $50,000 stretch goal for quests written by Rebecca Heineman, creator of Bard’s Tale III and Dragon Wars. At $60,000, backers will fund a questline designed by Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop – the developer of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 franchises.

“Epic Tavern takes a distinct approach to roleplaying and management sims, bringing these two genres together in a way gamers have never experienced,” said Rich Bisso, President and Co-founder at Hyperkinetic Studios. “Winning over patrons and leveraging their hidden traits is just one of the clever mechanics layered in Epic Tavern.”

To learn more about Epic Tavern, please visit its official website