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Due To the High Traffic Epic Games Store’s Server Gets crashed On the Release of GTA -V 


 GTA V one of the most popular open-world games of the rockstar was released in 2013 for the all gaming platform. But the GTA V is now been available to download on the Epic Games store for all the untested gamers who want to play this wonderful open-world game from the rockstar. 


Nowadays we all are stuck at our home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is getting bored due to the world wide lockdown; people are not able to go outside and meet their friends and loved ones. People are getting bored inside their homes because they don’t have too many things for entertainment. So that’s why the board member software Epic games store decided to release the GTA V on their online gaming store for free. This game can be downloaded by any gamer who has an account on the epic games store. This step was taken by the board members to reduce the stress and anxiety among the people who are stuck in the lockdown. 


Due to the tremendous popularity of the GTA V, this step was taken by the board officials of the epic games store. This step may help people who are stuck in the lockdown to reduce their mental health issues as well as their depression. But as soon the game was launched on the epic games store the sites got crashed and twitter started trending with the memes related to the GTA V and Epic games stores. Most of the people were tweeting about this and eventually, it gained its place in the trending section.


When the news about the launch of GTA V is open-world game was released, by the epic games store on their official twitter handle. Most of the gamers went crazy about this and they were waiting eagerly for the game. But when the time arrived and the game got launched all of a sudden millions of gamers went into the website of the epic gamers to claim their free copy of GTA V. This sudden traffic on the website leads to the cash of the server of the epic games store. The server was giving the error notification to all of the users who were trying to claim their GTA V game. As soon as this error started occurring the officials of the epic games released a statement on the official twitter handle of the epic games store. They stated that they know that the users are facing problem in calming their free copy of GTA V due to the high traffic on their server, and they are trying to resolve this soon as possible. They would release the update when the issue would be solved.


But even after the 3 hours the officials and developers of the epic games store weren’t able to find the solution for the high traffic on their server. After 3 hours still, their servers were offline, and gamers were unable to login on the website to claim their GTA V game. This thing not only affected those gamers who were waiting for the GTA V but also those gamers who were trying to reach to the other games. This shows the craze of GTA V among the gamers and the developers of the store also know this that’s why soon after a few hours the site started working again fine. As soon as the server was restored the gamers logged in to the website of the epic games store and claimed their free copy of the GTA V open-world game.



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