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Epic Games: The Barrier Between PS4 and Xbox One Will Inevitably Fall

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The success of Fortnite and its Battle Royale component can be seen from different perspectives. Some consider it as a passing fad, others as the ideal example of a multiplayer environment, even some see it as a threat in terms of market, but for Epic Games it means a point and separate for the industry and the approach to the materialization of the main idea: multiplayer games and experiences without hardware barriers.

During his participation in Game Developers Conference 2018, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, spoke about what the success of Fortnite implied and the effort they are making to bring the title to the greatest number of players. The director began his conference highlighting the financial success of mobile games and the break that these have caused in traditional forms of the industry, offering a game accessible to most users without the need to have a specific device. Based on this idea, Sweeney said that is the goal that has been raised for all those creators who use its graphics engine, Unreal: “And that is build one unified game that runs on all platforms, that is the same experience everywhere, and is a social experience that you can play with friends across all of the different platforms.”

According to the general director of Epic Games, another of the ideas that they seek to develop and expect to have an impact on the industry is the creation of games for players, not so much for platforms: “What we have is this one engine that’s supporting AAA production values and game sizes and content bases that runs everywhere. This is going to be a great setup for the games industry because it means that now you don’t have a divide between casual mobile games and high-end PC and console games.”

Obviously, the words of Sweeney were focused on the recent release of Fortnite: Battle Royale on iOS and the implementation of cross-play, but not between PS4 and Xbox One. In that sense, the director mentioned that for Epic Games the audience is all players and the fact that the game enables the experience between platforms and respects the achievements or elements acquired no matter where you play has been a great step for the industry.

Finally, Tim Sweeney expressed his opinion about the absence of cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One, a barrier that has days counted according to his perspective: “For Sony and Microsoft to support their customers well they have to be open to all their customer’s friends – their real world friends – otherwise they’re breaking up real-world social groups. Like kids in school have their friends, and do you expect this platform schism to divide them into two separate groups that can’t play together? No. It’s got to come together now. That one remaining barrier will inevitably come down.”

What do you think about the position of Epic Games? Will Sony give in to the pressure of trends? Will Fortnite make cross-play the standard in the industry? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.