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Epic Games is working on 6 games

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Epic Games is one of the most beloved and recognized studios in the industry, so its fans always want to know what they are working on. Although they have had few launches in the last years, that does not mean that they are sitting with the crossed arms, and in fact, at the moment, currently are working on the development of 6 games.

In an interview with Venture Beat, several Epic members pointed out that they are working on the development of Paragon, its free-to-play title for PC and PlayStation 4; Fortnite, a survival game that is under development for PC and a new version of Unreal Tournament.

Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic, highlighted his alliance with Bad Robot, studio of JJ Abrams, for the development of Spyjinx, an action and strategy title for mobile and PC whose development is going “extremely well.” They also continue to develop Robo Recall, a virtual reality game for Oculus, and Battle Breakers, a project they recently announced at the Game Developers Conference 2017.

In the chat, Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company, stressed that this method of work is a way to return to their roots to listen directly to their players. “We are determined to go back to our roots and go directly to users without publisher relationships. The friction that is there. It’s so much better to operate a game live and change it in response to consumer feedback. Paragon has changed so much in response. it’s a continual dialogue. It’s like going back to the days when we first started,” he said.

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With this strategy, it seems that Epic preferred to move away from large AAA productions to work on smaller and less expensive productions that are constantly updated to attract more users and keep the interest of their players. While at first glance it may seem somewhat daring, it’s a move that has worked for big hits like League of Legends.

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