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Epic Director Wants To Bring Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

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The success of Switch has definitely led some companies to consider the possibility that their games arrive on the new Nintendo console. And if success is spoken, Fortnite, especially its Battle Royale mode, is one of the titles of the moment thanks to the millions of players that participate and we have fun in each match.

The possibility that the game arrives on the hybrid console is not far-fetched and even less now that Epic Games expressed interest. Today Donald Mustard, the global creative director of Epic Games, turned on the hype of the users of Switch to open the probability that Fortnite will arrive at some point to the new console of Nintendo.

Mustard revealed his interest through a response to a fan, who asked if he was interested in bringing Fortnite to Switch at some point. The creative responded enthusiastically: “And it is. Yes, I am. Hopefully, we do that at some point!”

Obviously, a lot of followers of the creative on Twitter and owners of a Switch agreed with the idea of bringing Fortnite to the new Nintendo console and expressed their support for this to happen at some point.

Would you like Fortnite to arrive on Switch? Tell us in the comments below.

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