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Ways to enjoy at home during the COVID-19 lockdown

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Social distancing has become the buzzword these days. It means you need to stay away from people, do not socialize, do not mingle with friends, just stay home with your family. Why is this necessary? This is necessary because the corona virus is infecting everybody. Coronavirus or Covid19 which originated in China has spread throughout the world and since we do not have any medicine to cure it, the best possible option is to prevent it. The only way to prevent the virus is to stay indoors for 3 weeks or so, so that the virus does not spread. 

Many countries around the world are practicing social distancing and some countries like India have locked down totally to prevent the virus spread. Though it is easy to speak about social distancing, practicing it by staying at home is really difficult. Even if you have stocked on supplies it becomes difficult to stay at home for a prolonged period. Staying cooped inside the home for days together can take its toll mentally. But to stay safe, it is necessary to stay home but you can combat the mental toll that it is bound to take by making the stay at home fun and interesting. The following ways can make staying at home fun:


Stay at home and catch up on the favourite book. You can also subscribe to books on Amazon Kindle and read. The number of books is many and you can utilize this indoor time in a good way.


It is a great time to play with your kids at home. You can play card games, scrabble, monopoly, ludo etc. There are other games too which you can download and play on your smart phones or tablets. You can also read reviews of games at websites like online. Again you have too many options, which is very good to pass the time.

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This chore is often found to be boring and most people tend to not do this. However, this is a good time to clean your room or even your house. You can keep the things that you require and discard things that you feel that you will not need. If there are things that you do not want to discard you can keep them separate and give them away to your favourite charity.


If you have been working for long hours for months then this is the opportunity to rest and relax. Resting and relaxing will rejuvenate you. Listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite films or even binge watch some of the latest web series episodes, you will surely love it.


You need to keep enhancing your skills if you are going to be part of the rat race. The time to enhance your skills is now. There are many websites, YouTube channels etc., which teach new skills. You can join them and learn the new skill that will help you grow in your company.