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Increase in WiFi speed with a range today – 87%

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At my house, it is impossible to do the simplest things like making video calls to my loved ones, playing a streaming game over the weekend, or watching an HD movie in the evening. Unfortunately, I’m in the same room as my router. If I try to connect from another place or from upstairs, I always have problems with buffering and loading. I hate not being able to have a good connection from my beautiful warm bed! If your wiFi system has a problem and finding a solution. In this article, I’ll try to give information about how to increase WiFi speed.

Getting now: How can you increase in WiFi speed and Why are we paying for them? 

Every month you pay a fortune for “fast” home WiFi. But in the end, you end up having fast wifi in one room. My internet service provider (ISP) said to me, “It must be for your depth walls or something.” Without WiFi, I feel confused by my friends, my family, and the world. I am always worried and afraid of losing something important. But finally, there is a new solution to lousy wifi. And it works! 

A former internet engineer comes to save us! – increase in WiFi speed

The idea comes from an ex-engineer from one of the major Internet providers. While working there, he found out two amazing things: 

  • First, Internet operators slowed down your speed. During peak times, you get a fraction of the rates you are paying for …
  • Secondly, ISPs were selling us cheap and inferior wifi routers. This means that customers would have to pay more and update to get good speed throughout their home, and it didn’t seem right. 
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So he decided to develop a device that bypassed  ISP’s speed. At the same time, it significantly improves the range and velocity of your occurring home WiFi. Eventually, this device is so simple that anyone who has no technical knowledge can use it. 

He called it “WifiBoost.” 

How exactly does this invention work? 

Absent of going into too much technical detail, the problem – as we all know – is that ISPs sell us cheap WiFi routers. The signal is too poor to go through brick walls without losing speed. They can’t even handle many devices or heavy use. As a result, you left with weak WiFi in your home and the dreaded “wifi dead spots”. But, by inserting a WifiBoost device into any socket, everything will soon change.WifiBoost is essentially two cutting edge wifi routers and a powerful amplifier, all in a small box.

Conclusion on increase in WiFi speed

It works by receiving the existing WiFi signal, increasing it, and then transmitting a super-amplified Wi-Fi through anything; concrete walls, second floors, and steel beams – no problem!

At the same time,  the device blocks the data usage report to the ISP. This makes the speed limitation we mentioned earlier impossible! You will have decidedly faster and more robust internet, even during peak times and also in previous “WiFi dead spots” in the home. I hope you can increase in WiFi speed now .