Two Employees of Quantic Dream Defend The Studio and Call Lies on The Allegation

The company and its founders are in the middle of a scandal.

Sony Quantic Dream Detroit: Become Human

Yesterday we informed you about the scandal involving Quantic Dream, the studio responsible for Detroit: Become Human for PS4 and some of its directors such as David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, who were pointed out by 3 French media for maintaining an inadequate work environment and with signs of ra*ism and se*ism.

Regarding this issue, two employees of Quantic Dream took to Twitter to defend the studio and call lies on these allegations. Pierre Tauvel, the operator of motion capture at Quantic Dream, says that “the atmosphere is great, nothing toxic, the employees are all different and laugh at everything.”

On the other hand, Aurélien Loizeau, lead programmer at Quantic Dream, has stated the following: “My only reaction because it doesn’t deserve more: A lot of bul*s*it. Is everything perfect? Not. But for example, speaking about toxicity or high turnover and at the same time that the employees are in the place for 7y in average is quite ironic (for a 20y old studio).” You can check the Tweets of these employees at the bottom of this news.

Quantic Dream is currently under serious accusations, since last weekend, when it was reported that in the studio there are examples of bad behavior as if it were an “institute”, which allows ra*ism, se*ism, and ho*oph*bia. Quantic Dream has denied all the accusations.

Le Monde, Canard PC, and Mediapart have published reports on the behavior in the studio of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. David Cage, head of the studio, and Guillaume Fundamière, the executive producer, are at the center of the accusations. Cage, in particular, is accused of being an autocrat in the working style, asking for hours and hours of work and without listening to others.


  • The dangers of diversity nowdays is if htey are fired or disgrunteled they can just throw accusations around to get what they want, cause the rules are now guilty untill proven innocent.

  • That’s why you don’t report on things you don’t have facts too. False reporting can poison a solid persons strong reputation and threatens everything they’ve built on an assumption that can cause serious damage. If one can so easily accuse one of harassment with severe penalties then a false accusation with equally as damaging effects should be prosecuted as well to keep the Press in check, hold them accountable, and force them to have straight facts before posting inaccurate reports that result in harassment of the accused. If you can’t get your facts straight, don’t bother or we’ll come after you with a lawsuit. The Press have the freedom, or right to report truth, not spread vicious lies and destroy others without real proof. I say we start pulling the media into the courtroom and hold reporters accountable as they so poorly try to do us.

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