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Ember Game PC Review

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The Italian developer 505 Games has just launched the new Ember for Microsoft Windows 10. The title is also available on iOS for smartphones. With unmatched visual quality and simple game mechanics the new game promises to revive the concept of the classics of the strategy games of 80s and 90s.


Dark Fantasy

Ember has a captivating story and a beautiful setting, with a gloomy tone, balancing the lighting effects well. The essence of the game is basically the exploration, that must be done carefully in each environment, in order to collect new items and equipment to enhance the character, however, Ember also knows to make good use of the action elements.

The player assumes the role of a ‘Carrier of Light’, a warrior with unique skills who was chosen to bring the glory and peace around the world. Ember has a great skill tree and a combat system that makes great allusion to the first game strategies, despite the commands of simplicity, you can impress all types of players.


The game map is very wide, which will yield good hours of fun without losing quality because the cool thing about the game is that it is not repetitive, and each level can impress all players. The story unfolds through dialogues, which directly influence the progress of the RPG, leaving the player to decide his fate.

Key features of Ember:

1. Classic style of RPG with over 30 hours of epic adventure.
2. Fascinating characters, with great balance of action, adventure, and humor.
3. Over 70 missions with diverse gameplay, allowing the player to choose their destiny.
4. Classic combat style, the style of games of the oldest strategy.
5. More than 65 combat skills for the player to use on the battlefield.
6. Hundreds of NPCs may change the game progress in accordance with the player choices.
7. System to create magic weapons.
8. More than 20 underground environments for exploration.
9. Dynamic meteorology model, which presents a real-time experience for day or night.



Ember is undoubtedly a good title that will please fans of the less demanding role of PC games and will be really interesting for those approaching this kind of games. Despite the many possibilities of the title of N-Fusion, with a large number of quests and crafting of all, we can not consider it perfect because of some deficiencies related to a net customization of skill and the small number of characters and specializations. Given the affordable price of this product, however, we can not be more than satisfied by what it offers.


If you are an avid fan of the RPG, no doubt, Ember is a mandatory title for your smartphone or PC. With an excellent soundtrack and graphics, the game is a great gift of 505 for both the most nostalgic gamers, and for the new generation.