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Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC download available in holiday 2015

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Elite Dangerous was released in December 16, 2014. The game is developed by Frontier Developments and was released on different platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.  This game now gets a new DLC called as Horizon that brings a lot of new things in it .This new content will help the players to explore more new features in the game. The content adds a lot of extra things and will be coming this year. But yet the date is not yet finalized. We can expect this in holiday 2015. So if you are done with playing the game and want some new things to test then this new DLC will give you some fresh gameplay. The game expansion is going to come this year but yet the developer has said nothing about a final release date. Horizon DLC, as the name says, might be a kind of big expansion for this game.

Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC Screenshot
Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC Screenshot

After getting the Horizons DLC in Elite Dangerous, players are allowed to go out of the ship and explore different planets. You can go out and checkout new lands, surrounding and discover some different worlds. This will be a part of your journey. It is necessary for a player to land their spaceship in the safest part of the planet, so that they won’t get caught in problem. There are different vehicles that you can drive on the planet and checkout the area. So the DLC looks very interesting. There is a short video below. Below is a trailer of Horizon DLC that tells you about the new content it is going to offer.