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Elf Quest Slots Game Review

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In this competitive world of blockchain-based online casinos, Tower Bet aims to take over. It allows users to take advantage of its fair cryptocurrency platform. It probably uses a cryptographic algorithm with predetermined randomness. So it cannot be manipulated. This blog is about Elf Quest Slots Game Review.

It should also be noted that the distinctive feature of the Tower Bet platform is the interface with attractive graphics. They hired the best designers, illustrators, developers, and UI/UX specialists.

They aimed to create a user-friendly interface with simple management and navigation of the site. Therefore it’s accompanied with a juicy design. A  user can easily find a good-looking menu, reliable information on all crypto games, and game rules.

Founders of  also create a Betting History board. This is a table with the records of your recent bets, wins or losses. Also, you can see bets of other players in multi-player games.

Game plot

Slot machines are simple, exciting and vibrant. You can bet using BTC, ETH, or other crypto coins. Just place a bet, spin the reels, and wait for the multipliers and scatters to land on the lines.

The rules for Elf Quest Slots are simple. You must choose the size of your bet, the denomination and the number of coins you are playing with. Place your bet and start the game. Then, wait for the drums to stop. If you get a winning combination, you will receive payouts. In games, you can activate bonus features such as free spins or a bonus game. They can be played to win additional prizes.

The aim of playing slots is to make a winning combination. Winning combinations vary from game to game. So you should research online slots and pay tables for a particular game before playing.

Game features

Playtable divided into 20 cells with different symbols. Each symbol has its own denomination. It changes depending on the number of repetitions of such a symbol. The minimum set of repetitions for a combination is 3 symbols, and the maximum is 5. 

So among the simple symbols there are letters (A, K, Q and J) and the number 10. The number 10 has the smallest denomination (from 2 to 25), but it also appears on the field most often. But the letter A has the largest denomination (from 10 to 100), its appearance is less common.

Also, in addition to numbers and letters, there are other, more rare symbols. There are five of them: a crystal ball, a knight’s helmet, a stone ax, a rose with arrows and a dragon with a blade. If you come across a dragon with a blade, then its value will be from 20 to 1000 points!

There is also a third type of symbols – Wild symbols. You will recognize them immediately. There are also five of them: a gnome, a fairy, an elf, a sorcerer and a warrior. But they all have the same denomination from 25 to 1500. Wild symbol substitutes any symbol except Scatter. Only the most expensive combination within the pay line counts. 

It is important to note that there is still a symbol – Scatter. Scatter appears only in the Main Game. If 2 or more Scatters appear in the Main Game, wins are paid out as displayed above. Its face value is staggering – from 80 to as much as 15,000! If 3 or more Scatters land on any reel in the main game a bonus game is unlocked. There are 3 different bonus games: Caravan Robbery, Dwarf’s Mines, and Dragon Tower. In each game you play with free spins. 

Elf Quest slot game  

Rather than offering hundreds if not thousands of game titles to their players, Tower Bet crypto casino has focused on a few games.  These games are created by the best producers and are aimed at ensuring that players can get the most out of the game and do not end up empty-handed.  Tower bet games include only five titles that have already gained trust among online players.  Of course,  it would be better if this mix is more diverse, but everything has its time.

Slots are a common game that always takes up the majority of the game library in any casino.  However, only offers one online slot, Elf Quest.  Although any online casino is always replete with a variety of slots, at the moment Tower Bet is still in the development stage of this type of games.

Elf Quest is a game played on a 4×5 grid.  The design of the slot is made in a popular fantasy theme.  At the beginning of the game, you have to choose between automatic and manual game modes and immerse yourself in this fantastic storyline full of powerful wizards, funny gnomes and cute elves.  The game has 5 wild symbols, scatter and interesting features that make Elf Quest fun enough to play regardless of your usual preferences.  Especially tempting is the possibility to run the game with free spins and multipliers, thereby increasing your potential payouts.

Hopefully, will add more such fun slots in the future.

Conclusion is a new and stylish casino. Obviously, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the possibilities offered in this casino.  The bonuses and promotions are encouraging.  However, these are not all possible goodies.  Live chat is available 24/7 and therefore it is not difficult to contact an agent.  Tower Bet is a good choice for players, because the creators of this online casino have made every effort to ensure that players can enjoy the game at Tower Bet Crypto Casino.