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Electronic Files: 3 Helpful Features of GogoPDF to Your PDF Files

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Most people use electronic files in PDF format for various reasons. People in the business world utilize PDF files to manage their electronic documents. Even people in different professions take advantage of the benefits of using PDF to deal with their computer files tool. PDF is a portable file format that’s easy to use and share with other devices. 

Moreover, many people download these PDF files on their smartphones because it’s a file format that doesn’t use much file storage. If you have tons of these electronic files and deal with them every day at work or school, you might need a tool to manage them most efficiently. Good thing that GogoPDF is now available online to help you with your files. 

GogoPDF is a website that offers you different tools online for free. Here are some of the useful features or tools of GogoPDF that you need for your PDF files on your computer or smartphone. 


Add watermark Tool

A watermark looks like a stamp. It’s either a text or image that is placed behind or in front of the current content of the PDF document. One reason why you need to add watermark to PDF is to claim file ownership. It protects the content of the documents and claims it is yours. Without it, your ideas on the PDF file can be stolen by others and be claimed as theirs. 

Good thing that GogoPDF has an add-watermark tool to help you own your PDF files. You only need to upload your PDF files on the official website of GogoPDF, or you can drag the file and drop it on the watermark tool online. Then, the system will ask you to choose whether a text or image to be the watermark. 

When you finally choose one, position the watermark on your desired area of the document. After that, you need to hit the “Add Watermark” button, and the system will start saving the changes on your file. It’ll take a few minutes, so you need to wait. Once it’s done, you may now download the new PDF file with a watermark to your smartphone or computer.

Protect PDF Tool

Your electronic files may contain important and confidential information. Thus, you tend to be always hesitant to share your files with others because there might be unauthorized people who will access and use these files without your permission. There’s nothing to worry about because GogoPDF will make your files safe and secure. 

GogoPDF has a protect-PDF tool that will let you put a password to your existing PDF files. You have to upload your files on the GogoPDF tool online. Then, the system will ask you to provide a password, so you need to create one. You need to personalize the password by following the guidelines and incorporate numbers, letters, and different symbols. 

Then, the system will start saving the password you’ve entered. Once it’s done, you can download the encrypted files to your smartphone or computer. That’s how easy it is to put a password to your PDF files. Hence, you’ll have the confidence that no one can access and use your files without your permission. 

eSign PDF Tool

One important thing of the PDF files, such as agreement, contract, or project, is a signature. Putting a signature will make the documents valid and authentic. Since PDF documents are electronic, it’s difficult to add your signature to it unless you print it and sign it yourself. 

There’s nothing to worry about because GogoPDF has an eSign PDF tool that will let you put your signature on the PDF documents electronically. By doing so, you don’t need to wait for a couple of days before you can sign the contract or agreement. With the eSign PDF tool of GogoPDF, you can do it in the quickest time possible. 


The list discussed above is only a few of those available tools of GogoPDF. If you haven’t tried any of those, it’s time for you to start exploring and enjoy what GogoPDF can offer to your PDF files.