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Electronic Arts talk about PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio and Virtual Reality

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Blake Jorgensen (CFO of Electronic Arts) was the host of the USB Global Technology Conference in San Francisco and on this occasion expressed positive views on the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio and Virtual Reality.


About Scorpio and PS4, Jorgensen reiterates once again the position of Electronic Arts: “The release of these platforms is undoubtedly positive for the business. Consumers will be able to have access to new technologies with greater frequency than in the past, in a changing world it is certainly something that I can not judge in a negative way…”

Also with regard to the Virtual Reality, Jorgensen expressed with positive terms: “For us, this is a great opportunity, a new platform to test our ideas. We are aware that at present there are still limits (it refers in particular to motion sickness, eh), but engineers, technicians and developers are working to overcome them brilliantly. For those who create content related to entertainment, the VR is really incredible.”

The choice of the manufacturers to provide a new console release cycle with different ranges seems to appeal to publishers/developers (at least for large infrastructure) currently. This will offer more technical level for gamers on consoles like the PC consumers.

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