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Electronic Arts officially confirms Mass Effect Andromeda animation bugs

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Electronic Arts has released a FAQ page that lists the known issues in Mass Effect Andromeda, among them it is also confirmed a bug related to animations.

Until now Mass Effect: Andromeda was in a state of accusation by many users because of facial expressions and character animations.

The product of Bioware has been long awaited and obviously the hype created around has attracted the ire of gamers, disappointed by this detail. Some of these have also violently attacked the head of animations, unjustly considered too young and inexperienced to work on a similar project. Unfortunately at the moment nothing is expected at the moment related to any updates that can fix in some way this type of error.

The publisher Electronic Arts has, however, at least acknowledged the existence, listing poor animations among the possible “Bugs and Glitches” of the game.

The page in question contains a known glitch and that the publisher has noted it in this pattern: “Running in a zig-zag pattern can result in Ryder entering an unintended animation state.”

It is therefore one of the issues on which developers are working, probably the bug will be fixed with one of the forthcoming updates of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Recall that Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.