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Electronic Arts: EA Access Could Come to Other Platforms

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Recently, Electronic Arts held the traditional quarterly meeting with investors, where the company executives mentioned that EA Access could come to other platforms.

At the beginning, the executive director of EA, Andrew Wilson, mentioned that they are so satisfied with the results of EA Access that there are possibilities for other platforms to have this program.

“Our subscription services like EA Access and Origin Access are bringing more players from across our network to join in,” Wilson said. “Our subscription player base continues to grow, and you should expect us to continue driving this model to more platforms going forward.”

The chief financial officer of EA, Blake Jorgensen, also spoke about it, mentioning that it is “most likely” that this type of services is available on other systems. He also said that there are “exciting things to come”, although he was not clear on this last point.

At the moment, EA Access and Origin Access are available on Xbox One and PC respectively. There is no precise information about the arrival of these services to other platforms.

The most recent game to arrive at The Vault was Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dead Space 3 is expected to be available later.

EA Access and Origin Access are services that in exchange for an annual fee ($29.99 USD), give you access to a growing library of digital titles, as well as trial versions of upcoming releases of the distributor. In addition, the subscription gives you discounts on digital content from Electronic Arts.