Electronic Arts: Game Consoles and Disc Drives Will Continue To Exist For A Long Time

According to reports from Gamespot, Blake Jorgensen, the CFO of Electronic Arts,  during a financial conference organized by NASDAQ, said that despite having recorded a great growth in digital games, the market based on consoles and physical media will not disappear soon.

Jorgensen recognizes the enormous growth of the digital market but is convinced that the market based on traditional consoles and physical media will not disappear and will continue to thrive for many more years.

Consumers must have the greatest freedom of choice and as long as retail generates more numbers in the physical market, traditional consoles will remain alive.

As for Electronic Arts, the CFO of the company informs that 30% of the publisher’s games are sold in digital format on consoles, while on PC this percentage goes up to 80/90%. With the growth of the digital market, comrades will be able to increase their profit margins, earning more from every single copy sold than what happens with physical copies.

The important thing, in any case, is to allow consumers to choose how they can enjoy entertainment products and shopping on stores is still essential to generate large numbers capable of holding with international companies such as Electronic Arts.

What do you think about the statements made by Blake Jorgensen?