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Electronic Arts confirms single-player campaign for Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Great news for fans of Star Wars demanding an experience of single player for the series of Battlefront, returning last year focused on multiplayer. And now Electronic Arts have confirmed the presence of a campaign for a single player in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2.

So, Justin McCully, responsible for Star Wars franchise in EA, has announced that EA DICE has enjoyed the cooperation of Motive Studios in producing a single player in the sequel to the popular galactic shooter. “The focus of the first game was to nail the core multiplayer experience of what DICE does great. And now as we expand in the universe we have better sense of what characters are coming into play, what stories we can tell, what stories are maybe being told in a film versus a game, that’s where we’ve really ramped up the interaction with the [Lucasfilm Story Group] to bring those games to market,” announces McCully.

From EA “We heard the fans loud and clear that the multiplayer was great, but it wasn’t enough and they wanted that complete package. So the team has been very focused on delivering that single-player element,” McCully concludes. On the other hand, EA has no plans to recover the canceled Star Wars 1313, a title in the third person that was bet on a strong narrative and action in the purest style of Uncharted.