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Electronic Arts, BioWare and Mass Effect: What do you expect from the future of the series?

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Mass Effect Andromeda has not met the expectations of Electronic Arts and the publisher has decided to “freeze” the series temporarily, putting developers to work on other projects. At present, the company is not planning a new episode of the saga.

The report of Kotaku spoke of heavy cuts in BioWare Montreal, statement partially denied by the studio, which confirms that they are collaborating with other teams of Electronic Arts, a decision strongly supported by publishers, pointing more and more to the collaboration between the various internal work groups. Yanick Roy (Studio Director) spoke of new projects coming in the next few years, but never mentioned explicitly Mass Effect.

The studio will continue to ensure maximum support to Andromeda, with the release of new patches and the introduction of the features already announced, but the title will never have a sequel? The future of the saga is questioned by not exciting results of Mass Effect Andromeda, a costly and challenging project, which took more than five years of work to be completed.

Mass Effect Andromeda was initially met with commercial success, so much so that Electronic Arts was optimistic about the results in the long run. The warm welcome given by the press and the various technical problems, however, appear to have severely damaged the sales of the game in a matter of weeks. After careful thought, the publisher had decided to pause the series, according to reports of Kotaku from a voice very close to the company.

Electronic Arts did not comment on these rumors, while the company’s development as mentioned, merely confirm the cooperation with other EA studios. BioWare is working on a new IP (with elements in common with Destiny and The Division), and according to some rumors,on Dragon Age IV. Since it seems that there are no plans for Mass Effect: we want to ask you, what do you expect from the future of the series?

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