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Elder Scrolls Online “Thieves Guild” and “The Dark Brotherhood” factions download available in 2016

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Elder Scrolls Online “Thieves Guild” and “The Dark Brotherhood” factions are going to come in the year 2016. This was announced in Quakecon 2015. There are chances to get these two popular factions in the first half of next year. But yet things do not look finalized. These are two new expansion packs for the game which brings new story and amazing new features. The two expansions Thieves Guild & The Dark Brotherhood will be having impressive twist and turns for players to get an entirely new thing to uncover. There are certain videos on YouTube also but it does not explain much. The expansion pack will be coming next year which is quite a long waiting time for players. Elder Scrolls Online was released in April 4, 2014 on different platforms. The game is quite impressive and has an amazing storyline. The game offers a mixture of quest and ample of random events.

Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot
Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

Elder Scrolls Online also has a free roam section where users can play and checkout various areas. The game also brings a single player offline mode. That will help you to play and test out the game if you do not prefer to go with online version. There are chances that the new expansion would introduce some new races, regions and weapons in the game. Yet nothing is cleared about that. There is also no trailer out that can add a bit more explanation on the expansion. However it would be worth to wait for the upcoming stories.

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