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Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.05 download available for PS4

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Elder Scrolls Online got a new patch for PS4. This new patch offers a variety of fixes for this game. The patch size is relatively high that means it is having tons of fixes and a kind of essential part of the game. Elder Scrolls Online patch 1.05 version is around 1.6GB in size as per certain news sources. So here it means this is quite a heavy patch with tons of new things and add-on that might help you to get a lot more stable gaming output. Well there is one more reason behind such a high size. If you had not downloaded older patches for the game then the download size will be lot more bigger than what it is expected. So the first things you have to see is that you need to add all the old patches so that you don’t have a long wait time. The patch is only available for PS4.

Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot
Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot

As far we had seen the patch size might be around 700mb max and due to some old pending updates the patch size is increased to higher. But yet it is not cleared. Because different users might get different download size. If you see the patch logs then there are many fixes that are essential for a stable gameplay. The patch targets a lot of in-game and improvement fixes that makes the game work lot more smoothly. For example there would be a few changes in the Scaled Consumables. There will be also a bit improvement in Battle Leveled Consumables.

Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.05 notes can be found here and below:

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Menus & Icons fix for PS4:

  • Added an “Add Member” option to the following menus, which will allow you to select other player characters from your PS4 Friends List:
  • Guild
  • Guild Roster
  • Mail (specifically, who will be receiving mail)
  • Group Invite